Time to Get Real

Time for some Sewing Studio Honesty.
First, I have whined before how I used to have a whole 15×15 sq ft room as my studio. I now have a space carved out of what is supposed to be the dining area in our 1000 sq ft (that counts the garage) home. The dining table sits in our livingroom. Don’t get me wrong. I am thankful for my little cracker box house. I have a roof over my head. I have machines, fabric and love.

I struggle to stay organized. See?…

Even “Buster” my hat modeling dummy doesn’t look happy.
I have 2 of 9 children left at home. One has saved his pennies and is looking for his own place and the other one wants his own place. Mr. Coffee’s ‘office’ is also part of this mix. Presently that is in the living-room. My conundrum could be solved by becoming an empty-nester or by finding a bigger house. Until either of those situations occur I must clean up this abode.

photo 1

photo 2
I do my cutting on the dining table that’s in the living-room… I store my ironing equipment in the garage…along with the long work table I used to use. My interfacings and batting fill part of a hall closet. Do not get me started on the closet sizes in the house. I have baskets filled, bookcases bulging, rolling carts blocking walking space… have I mentioned I bump into walls and solid objects? Ok. Maybe I did that in a larger house too.

I think this house makes my butt look big. Fine. It IS big.

If you have some super nifty tips on sewing and quilting in tiny spaces I would love to hear them. Just leave a comment.


5 thoughts on “Time to Get Real

  1. avatarKarin

    Oh my, how I struggled (and still do!) with that too when we lived in the 40′ 5th wheel full time. Talk about sewing on the dining room table (which was also in the living room which was also in the kitchen!) and ironing on the 1 foot square kitchen counter, which was shared with the coffeepot…. I’m sure you get my drift. I, too, had batting stored in the closet (and there was only one closet) and thread in the pantry. (When we first packed the camper for life on the road, food was the very last thing packed!)

    My very best storage hideaway? I bought the smaller Sulky embroidery threads because they fit into a Slimline “suitcase” made specially for them, and I could fit THREE of those suitcases (each one holds about 100 spools of thread!!!) under the sofa! Yup, you heard me right – I stored my thread under the sofa, and OUT OF SIGHT! I stored my water soluble topping on a bolt under there, too, until we developed a leak in one of our windows and it got all wet. You know what happens to water soluble topping when it gets wet? Talk about goopy!

    It was fun & challenging all at the same time, but it gives me a deep appreciation for my 8 x 8 foot sewing room, now that we have a home again!
    Karin recently posted..Frolicking Frogs and Silly Skunks Embroidered and Trimmed Dish Towels RESERVED for Christine by SewWriteCreationsMy Profile

  2. avatarLynda

    No real tips, just commiseration. My sewing area is small like yours and I hate it. To top it off I am a fabric-holic and have WAY too much stuff. My only option is to cull, but I can’t make myself part with anything. Yikes!
    Lynda recently posted..Criticism or Love?My Profile

  3. avatarHollie

    I feel your pain! Our home is 1100 sq ft and I was using the dining room for a long time until my husband had enough. Now I am relegated to the garage, luckily it’s primarily my sewing space (and storage) and not used for cars at all. I wish I had some insight for you. I use stackable storage boxes to maximize space in the storage area. I’m also planning to build an ironing board that can fold down against the wall some day.
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  4. avatarLaura

    Until recently I had a 1100 Sq. foot home with 2 children. I first went through my closet and dresser and pitched clothes. All dresser clothes went into a basket on the closet floor. Getting rid of the dresser allowed me to put a nice tall bookcase in my bedroom for all my books. I also stored notions in decorative boxes and put on the shelves. I was given a metal open storage shelf for the garage. I placed my fabric in totes labeling each tote as solids, reds, etc. and kept them nicely organized on the shelf. The remainder was placed in the long flat totes that fit under the bed. I sewed on my dining room table. I also gave to our guilds garage sale all patterns, books , fabrics I knew I would never use. Hard to give them up but once organized sewing became a joy again.


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