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Yo-Yo Pattern

If you are taking part in Penny’s Yo-Yo-Along… or even if you aren’t… I thought I would provide a pattern for those who wish to make their Yo-Yo s without using a Yo-Yo maker.

Click on to Download PDF Pattern

This pattern will yield the 60mm / 2.25in yo-yo. I was going to make a tutorial but there are so many great ones already online and because I am lazy they would be perfect to use.
Heather Bailey and Zakka Life both have great Tuts for making yo-yos sans a yo-yo-maker.
Of course if you still want to use a Clover brand Yo-Yo Maker you can find one here.

Yes, It is my Amazon Associate link…because I believe in full disclosure…meaning, You click on that link and end up purchasing I earn a few pennies.