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The Post Where I Remember I Have a Blog

Whoa! Is this thing on?? …tap tap tap
I haven’t posted since M A R C H! Anyone miss me?
Let’s see… what has kept me from posting…thinking…thinking…
Oh yeah! I’m pretty certain the Universe completely skipped over April and most of May. Those months are in some black hole. Or maybe Zombies snacked on them?
The end of May brought my baby girl home for a visit from Australia

So many wonderful things planned to do together but on the second day of her visit I blew out my knee.I couldn’t walk the whole time she was home and I am still hobbling about like Igor.
Thank goodness I bought a new bed that doesn’t hurt to sleep on. I love it. Right now it’s the only spot I can comfortably elevate my Igorness. It. Is. WONDERFUL! So nice to not hurt or have body parts fall asleep.

Obviously this means I have not been sewing. I had the fantastic idea of rigging up a lap table to put my machine on but…no way to operate the pedal. Dur.
I’ve done a little hand-piecing of stars and hexies.

I have given up on using a footed cane. Can we say UNCOORDINATED?? I am a klutz. I actually sprained the pinky toe on my good leg trying to use it. Don’t ask. I am delaying an MRI and hoping no surgery will be needed.
Come what may I am springing this joint and going on a roadtrip to see some of my grandbabies. Hopefully my next post will be full of interesting fabric-y delight.
The heat index here today is 108 F. My tap water is 82 F. Yes, I tested it. My hair is impossible to keep tame in this humidity.


Stay Cool Y’all!

C-c-c-COLD and Rainy

Having lived awhile in the Midwest {after leaving my City} I am use to feet foots LOTSA Snow but something about cold rainy weather chills your bones. That or I am turning Texan… Y’all.
I need some coffee… or cocoa… or a hot toddy… aw yes, I need to jump on a cable car going down Hyde St and jump off for an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista Caf√© in San Francisco sipping it whilst watching the GIANTS WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS go by in their parade. Whoooooooo!!!! GO GIANTS!!!

This is a great scrap user-upper. I am going to make more.
Coffee Sleeve©Coffee&Cotton 2010

Just a Bit

Human Barometer Brain time again. We’ve had lots of storms. Storms + Me= migraine. So all I could do was sit in bed and do some hand sewing. I find hand work very soothing. I started some applique and also worked on piecing more hexes together. Hope to do some sewing tomorrow. Go check out Maddie’s cute ruler holder tutorial at Fresh Thread!