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GetEgged GetEgged GetEgged GetEgged!!

I know…2 posts in one day. I’m having s very emotionally down day and not sure why…resulting in a creative failure to launch.
Soooo… I started mindlessly cyber-surfing … and then Bam! My demented brain remembered how to put a smile in my heart and a guffaw in an empty room… Humor! Allow me to give a bit of a precursor…

I was the weird kid who like Fractured Fairy Tales more than Mickey Mouse. I rewrote lyrics to songs. I read MAD magazine {although I never allowed my kids to} I also can break out into a song for just about any comment made by a family member. I now have children that are cursed with that talent. One online source of laughery {my word} is STRONG BAD {Homestar Runner} !!! Haven’t been there in awhile. Yeah, I have a strange sense of humor often bordering on… ok more-often-than-not going over the edge… of nice-type inappropriate {not that I am sending you to an inappropriate site. I would not do that, nor go to any. This is just humor}. So if you need a smile or are as uhm let’s say different as me AND you want to know what in the world my post title means… enjoy this link. Just one link. It is not my fault if you end up watching more. It is VERY seasonally Fall-ish. No bad words or anything. Click on the picture to take you to…….. “Beware Mom’s Taurus Wagon” MuWhaHaHA {shudder}