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Finesse or Finicky?

fi●nesse |fəˈnes|
• intricate and refined
verb [ trans. ]
• do (something) in a subtle and delicate manner
fin●ick●y |ˈfinikē|
(of a person) fussy about one’s needs or requirements : a finicky eater.
• showing or requiring great attention to detail

My friend Maddie has a great post on her blog Domestic Anarchy. In it she talks about “Slap-Dash Sewing”. Go read it…then come back here. I’ll wait. Back?
Did it stir up something in you as it did me? I liked it. A lot.
After feeling so opinionated after reading it I had to question myself… Am I reaching for and desiring finesse or am I being just too damn finicky?
I love seeing what other sewists, artists, crafters and designers create. I smile when I see a beginner learning a new skill and would never expect perfection in their finished product. I wholeheartedly believe in allowing someone to learn the process first then refine the skill. BUT… there is a difference between learning a skill and improving on it -vs- throwing something together just to say it’s finished… and never wanting MORE.
If a person is going to put time and money into something why not make it a thing of beauty. Perhaps they do not know? Is it like giving a child continual false praise at something they are not mastering? I think you should encourage and guide and teach with honesty. My grandmother was raised in Hungary where you were taught extremely intricate textile and needlework skills. She taught me lovingly but did not allow me to settle for substandard work.
Am I being unreasonable? Shouldn’t we challenge ourselves to discover and learn new techniques? I am about to date myself…but do you know how to do a tailor’s tack..and why? Can you do a hemstitch by hand? I don’t mean stitch a hem, I mean a hemstitch. Do you know how to use the steam iron to manipulate fabric? Like Maddie said, Zippers and Buttonholes instead of glue guns for goodness sake!
Shortcuts can be awesome {What would we do without the rotary cutter techniques} but I challenge you to challenge yourself to learn some new finishing skills or art process. Be proud and shout from the rooftops, “LOOK WHAT I MADE !!!” And have fun dammit! :-)