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Music to Sew By… or …Plans, Dreams and Oy! I Need More Time

Happy Monday on You! The weather here is soooo nice! It actually was in the 50ºs this morning.
I have a whirlwind of sewing planned. It HAS to get done. When I am in that mode I MUST have a music playlist {at bottom of post. Click on it to make it big and then click again}. Of course I always listen to music … it’s in my bones {see my self-centered list} and my likes are very eclectic. I love all sorts of tunage. Do you have a list you sew/quilt by? A favorite type? I am posting just one of my playlists. It is one of my “high adrenaline, dang I got a lot to do” versions, not my “calm yourself down girl!” versions Text only…cuz ya know how I ranted about sites that auto play music… although I have to admit there are a few sites that have great selections, like Heather’s…love it!

Here’s what’s on my cutting table and some stacks to drool over:
I LOVE the High Society by Khristian A. Howell for Anthology fabrics. I had a custom request for a hat with Henna-ish / Paisley-ish / fabric. I think this will be perfect. I am going to hoard the leftovers for some quilting…

I know I’m probably late to the Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile party…but OMG! It is such a wonderful fabric. Like buttah I tell ya! This is the Little Honey in Berry sitting on the top of my stack…

A few of my fabrics tagged for cycling gear…

Oh! Oh! I forgot to tell you I WON a giveaway from Kristie at Obsessive Crafting Disorder A nicey {heh} stack of Nicey Jane and also some custom note cards that are being created by Samantha over at Paper by Paper Dolls

Also… I am making a dress for a sweet soon to be 5 yr old out of this fabric from A Little Sweetness

Just a little more stash candy…

Okay here is my music playlist. {seriously robyn? 99 songs? couldn’t add one more??} Let me know if you sew/quilt/craft/etc to music and if so, do you have favorites?
Rock On my Fibery Friends! I’m off to finish up 80 or so hats and some other bicycle gear goodness for a show that is LESS THAN A FREEKIN’ MONTH AWAY!!! #panicattack

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Stop the Music!

I need to rant. I will probably tick some readers off but I’ma gonna say it anyhoo
Unless you are a band or music promotion site, Please, P_L_E_A_S_E PuhLeeeeeze stop putting music or playlists that automatically start the moment someone visits your website/Blog. Please. I am not anti-music. Heh…I AM a musician…I majored in music in college. I LOVE all styles of music and you would be hard pressed to find someone with more eclectic tastes than I. You should see my iTunes library!
As a web designer I can give you all kinds of reasons why it is unprofessional {and many times ILLEGAL}, but some of you are personal bloggers and really don’t care about presenting a professional web presence. Allow me to give you a few reasons why you still should care.

    Why I Come

  • I visit your site for inspiration and information. I am not coming there to listen to your daily tunes
  • Tastes May Vary

  • Even though I am a lover of many types of music I am not normal the norm. Not everyone likes Strauss, Streisand, Sinatra, the Stones or Slayer.
  • Get Some Web Stickiness

  • Some of your visitors will hear your tunes and click and run away from your site before even reading what you have to say. Come on! You are good enough without a song aren’t ya?
  • Martha Says to Multitask

  • I, as many others, are listening to their OWN music while surfing, searching or working. We want our music not yours
  • The Sounds of Silence

  • Since I have my speakers or headphones on it scares the bejeezus out of me when I am deep in silent thought and your music pops up. Seriously! You should see the coffee spill stains on my desk…not to mention how long it takes to scroll around for that damn pause button!
  • Tab Turmoil

  • Again, I get my Martha on and visit many sites at once. I often have way too many several browser tabs open and if several pages have music then Whoa! What a train wreck that becomes! It’s enough to cause any musician to De-Compose! Get it? de-COMPOSE???
  • Bandwidth

  • No, I’m not talking about a Chubby trumpet player. Adding music s-l-o-w-s your site down and requires a longer time for your page to load. There goes your visitor again. Gone in one click
  • Support Your Local Lawyer

  • Unless you wrote the song yourself or have permission of the copyright holder of the work to play it, then you could be running from the copyright cops. The only music you’ll end up with is that nice harmonica playing from your jail cell.

  • I know, I know… you say it’s YOUR site and you can do what you want. Yes, it is your decision, but think about it. Is it a rude and self-serving one? If you still feel that you just have to put music on your site then give your readers the choice to play it or not to play it. In fact, I love seeing others playlists and music interest.
    End. Of. Rant.