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An Irish Hungarian

…two women walk into a bar… oops, not that Irish Hungarian. Ok there is not a drop of Irish in me although my pale complexion and reddish hair would beg to differ. I also have a few kids with red hair. My grandmother had an indescribably beautiful shade of auburn hair. My daughter, who has my grandmother’s Hungarian maiden name as part of hers, has that exact same hair color! Weird how my kids names emulate their namesakes. Eery I tell ya. So I suppose the red came from my Nagymama. I also inherited her lack of grey hair. She was never totally grey even at 86! Thank you for the genes Nagymama!! By now you are wondering where I’m going with this. Good because so do I. Hmmm…Irish…Hungarian…Oh yeah… Green! CELTIC–ish-y GREEN. I love green and have been searching for the perfect green yarn to knit a shawl.

Here it is
click on it to make it drool worthy

Madelinetosh Merino Lace

Isn’t it G O R G E O U S??!!!

Madelinetosh Lace with peaches :-)

A shout out to Jimmybeans Wool where I bought it. Great service, product and really nice people. I visited their store once while on vacation. They are very fast with online orders too! Not being compensated for a plug I just love their business.
I am pretty sure I will be knitting Jared Flood’s of Brooklyn Tweed Rock Island

Brooklyn Tweed Rock Island