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Coming Up For Air

I will give a real post soon… I promise.
Holidays and sickness won my time. I am thankful for time with family.
Here are some of my goofy kids. I was too sick to go with them to get our Christmas tree so they photo documented it for me. Ain’t they sweet?

Tree Hugger

I do not know WHO they get their goof from.

Friday Fun

Since I’m not quite up to snuff {what exactly does that mean? Wasn’t it tobacco you snort up your nose? ICK!} I leave you with this fun little link. It is an online Patchwork Pattern maker . You upload your graphic and choose the amount of colors and pattern pieces and it churns out a pattern to cut your fabric from.
I went from this

To this:

Ok, I chose the wrong type of graphic to convert but you get the idea. Now…Go! Make! and Play nice!

Bicycle Wedding Proof

Yeah, I know, I said there would be pictures of the wedding. Blame Mr. Coffee hogging using my camera…again. Arrggghhh. Better late than never. So here’s proof…
The theme of the wedding was built around the quilt, pictured later, that the Bride’s grandmother made for her before she passed away. The quilt top was finished but the quilt was completed by family members the week before the wedding. Anyhoo… the colors of the quilt reminded them of a Peacock, so hence the wedding theme. The Bride is/was in Roller Derby and the Groom (my oldest son’s best friend) is a Wrencher.. an awesome Master Bike Mechanic… hence also the Bicycle themes. They both are also talented and accomplished artists. The Groom’s hat was designed and sewn by Moi. The most adorable flower girl ever is my granddaughter. The Best Man is my firstborn. Bride’s family is Scottish, hence the kilts. The band was a Queen coverband. Ok enough with the gab and hences, on with the pictures!

Sewing Room Progress or How I Fell From/with? "Grace"

I would have finished but I fell. This is how it all went down…well, how Yours Truly went down…
I was cleaning away and needed to move a cord. A cord that I did not know was connected to a laptop. I thought it was a sewing machine cord. The aforementioned laptop was perched on top of a printer. {I know} Well when I pulled on the cord to pick it up the laptop went sliding. I lunged to get it. Unfortunately one foot stepped on a Ziploc bag and woosh! Guess what?! I can still do the splits. I have a pulled hamstring and wrenched back to prove it. I also am noticing more sore spots and muscle throbbing as I type. I should be wearing lovely shades of purples on my body tomorrow. Sitting on the floor I imagined judges holding up signs with “10”s. Score!
Again I apologize for the poor quality phone photos

Unfortunately, Robyn

Monica over at the Happy Zombie sucked me into this!
Google “Unfortunately, Your Name” make sure to include the quotation marks. See what you come up with. You’ll be in good company! Here are some of mine

Unfortunately, Robyn focuses a little bit too much on herself and not nearly enough on her actual journey. (Humph! I take issue with this!!)

Unfortunately, Robyn didn’t re-create Toadie’s lingerie parade but she did change the lyrics to “She Devil blew a fart”!

Unfortunately, Robyn forces Jon to blame the gargoyles for the Clock Tower’s destruction on the television news.

Unfortunately, Robyn seems to have fallen into the common mistake of believing we like to see women treat their men like dissident children

Unfortunately, Robyn didn’t get the memo. She logged on to the Wild Onion, read the post and thought it was my birthday…again!

Unfortunately, Robyn resisted to all my temptations to …

Unfortunately Robyn says that concern regarding drinking alcohol can lead to some women giving up breastfeeding all together. …

Unfortunately, Robyn much preferred to talk about fish and socks etc. …

Unfortunately, Robyn, has progressed through several phases of the process without having her unique experience understood.