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Moving, Mother, Migas and Meh

  • Moving
    Still trying to organize my downsized sewing life. I have moved furniture and machines to one room, back to another and am considering a different spot. It just isn’t working for me yet. Should I have it in my dining area (viewable from the entry AND livingroom) or in my bedroom… How romantic! If I keep it in my bedroom the IKEA 75″ table top has to be made smaller. I have 3 inches to squeeze by it and my end of the bed. I do know I am in LURV with Grey and White and am collecting decorating pics in my Pinterest boards

  • Mother
    My 87 yr old mother went in for knee replacement surgery. Things keep going wonky resulting in multiple transfusions and complications. Please keep her in your thoughts.
  • Migas
    Never heard of the dish until I lived in Texas. I make a mean Migas if I do say so myself. My boys love it!

    I will post the recipe later… if you want :) It is an egg, chorizo, tortilla chips, herbs and veggies plate O’ Love!
  • Meh
    Is how I feel about my blog’s style and composition. I will fix it. Soon. I think. Yeah. I will for sure. I think.
  • Check back for the recipe. I made myself hungry and need to eat something.
    Later Peeps!

Oh Balls!

Heh. Brazilian Cheese Balls that is. Pão de Queijo. My yummy afternoon snack that I do not need. They are gluten free though so that should count for something!

They are made with tapioca flour. I would like to say I make them from scratch…but they are scratchless. I buy them frozen from Rio. No. Not THAT Rio… here is where I get them
I got a wonderful bag and pincushion from my Swap partner in the Urban Home Goods Swap 3
Isn’t she A W E S O M E ?!!

I do have some more to show soon… things I’ve made. Some fantastic birthday gifts from the best sister in the world. Soon. I promise. I have been buried under ‘stuff’ but am digging out and ready to return to my sewing/quilting peeps.
See ya soon!!

Java Jive

Good Morning on You!
Did a little mindless sewing yesterday… that’s what I do as I plan {or procrastinate} bigger projects. This is an overdue gift for an anonymous recipient. A Rug. A Mug Rug. Everyone needs one! Every quilter probably has one… except me. I want to keep this but alas I will be a Mug Rug Martyr and gift it away. I love the Moda Bliss fabric!

Do you have a favorite brand / type of coffee or tea? For Coffee my fave is Ruta Maya Espresso Roast… roasted right here in Austin. I buy the whole beans.
My favorite tea is Numi Organic Jasmine Monkey King

I also love peppermint tea and chamomile tea.
Have a fantastic Friday Y’all! I will spend the weekend wishing I had a pass to the ACL Festival. Austin is ALIVE with live music and I can hear quite a bit of it from my yard.

Java Jive Manhattan Transfer


Good Friday Morning on You!
I need to get busy sewing bookoo butt-loads of cycling gear but wanted to pop in and say hey!
I have put my AccuQuilt Studio lust on hold. I just cannot justify the expense right now although I want it reeeally reeeally bad!
So I invested in another pair of sewing shears by Kai, that get good reviews and are supposed to be comfortable. We will see. I hope they arrive soon. { Dear Kai, you need a site redo…sorry, it made me feel like I was shopping on a 1990s site }

Here is my morning coffee a la my cell phone. The cookbook?? I am presently in Vegan Curious Mode. I love me my cheese and fish so I am not sure I could cross over to the other side. Vegan cheese just kinda sits there ya know?

Have a wonderful Friday!

Foodie Friday

Hiya Peeps!
Yesterday was spent meticulously sewing a Wedding hat {bicycle cap} for a Cycling Groom. A lot of the bike community here will be attending the outdoor wedding after they all ride to its destination in costume…sort of a pre-wedding parade. I will try to get pictures. It should be fun. They are having a Queen cover band play. Can you sing “B-iiii-Cycle!, B-iiii-Cycle! I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…” And if that sewing wasn’t enough to make the disc in my lower back bulge, I sewed their wedding gift today.
Sidenote / sidequestion?? – Any of you have your back go out from sitting and sewing. I had to finish today’s sewing standing up. I can barely walk and sitting hurts like a mofo monkey! I think I need an ergonomic chair.
Ok, the FOOD part …{My Daughter’s recipe. TEACH your kids to cook!}
PIZZA Empanadas
Empanada discs —Take some of these (about $1.75 for 10 discs)

Put some of this in it – Monterey Jack Cheese {or Mozzarella}

Chop up some O’ deeze Tomaaattooooeees…mmm Heirloom ones

Add in FRESH Basil and Oregano {I have some in my garden}

Thaw Empenada dough if necessary. Roll each disc out a bit to thin out dough
Fill to liking (leave room to fold in half)
Press with fork…or a BETTER sealing method is to fold and pinch like a pie crust.
Brush with egg wash or, easier, some canola oil
Bake at 400F on baking sheet for 10-20 minutes until yummy brown…

Dip in marinara sauce or just EAT!! Mmmmmmm…taste kinda like calzone!!

Weekend Cooking Friday – "Palacsinta"

“Palacsinta” are Hungarian pancakes.

This is a recipe my Nagymama use to make for me. She would spread them with jam, roll them up and serve with some powdered sugar. I think I will make some for my boys this weekend. Softer and different than a pancake a bit like a crepe. My grandmother made them thicker so adjust the batter consistency to your liking.

  • 4 Whole eggs
  • 2 c Milk
  • 2 ts Sugar
  • 2 c Sifted flour
  • Butter
    • Mix flour, salt and sugar. Combine well beaten eggs and milk. Add egg and milk gradually to flour mixture, beating to a thin smooth batter. Let batter sit for 1/2 hour. This gets rid of the raw flour taste. Spoon 3 Tbls. on hot buttered skillet. Will be very thin. Tilt skillet quickly in a circular motion to distribute batter over skillet. Brown lightly on both sides. Continue this until batter is used up. As each crepe is done, spread with strawberry jam, roll up lightly and sprinkle with powdered sugar. These can be made ahead of time and reheated in a slow oven for a few minutes. You can also serve crepes with a dollop of sour cream. Serves 4 to 6.
      Recipe courtesy of June Meyers

      I plan on putting some recipes up on Fridays for you to enjoy over the weekend. PLAN I said. We’ll see how well I do. As I have said before, I tend to FBTSOMP/SBTSOMP

Good On Me!

I was a good girl this morning and ate a good breakfast…and yes Pam I also had coffee…all day even!
Ignore the half and half in the background. Wasn’t mine. Right. Well, what is the purpose of fat free half and half? Doesn’t that make it 1/4 and 1/4? or tasteless spew??!!

I mixed the yogurt with uncooked oats and topped it with strawberries.