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Tropical Showers Bring Fall Flowers

Or…Hermine Hearkens Horticultural Happiness?
These came up right after TS Hermine wreaked havoc on Texas. They are out in my yard { really Robyn? In your yard? Not growing in your livingroom?…smart a*s } Not being a TX native I haven’t a clue what they are…but they’re pretty

Oh…and I forgot to show you what sheets of tropical rain look like…my camera does not do justice to the amount of rain we received. That is NOT water coming off a roof…that is straight from the sky.

You all have a great day. I’m off to sew a cover for a Kindle that I promised a child of mine.

Blooming While I'm Planted

–––Planted in unproductive-don’t feel well-extremely fatigued land. Whilst in my stagnancy life does go on. Look! My African Violet that was 4 yellowyish-brown leaves 3 months ago has bloomed! I am so proud of the little guy. I talked to him and fed him and nursed him back to health. Isn’t he pretty all sitting by my window?violet

Edited awhile after my original post – My friend Maddie‘s Mother-In-Law loves violets. She is in Hospice care. This post is in honor of her life. She is from Hungary as my grandmother was. I leave you with a Magyar Blessing:

Hol hit – ott szeretet
Hol szeretet – ott béke
Hol béke – ott áldás
Hol áldás – ott Isten
Hol Isten – ott szükseg nincen.

Where there is faith there is love
Where there is love there is peace
Where there is peace there is blessing
Where there is blessing there is God
Where there is God is all we need. (there are no needs)