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Post Holiday Interruptus

Holy crap on a cracker!! if anyone was here over the past few days they may have seen that someone left their FREAKIN’ maintenance mode turned on after editing someone’s blog. I think I shall fire her…me…what?

On to my post…

Between; not during; Thanksgiving and Christmas my youngest daughter came home from college in a foreign land. She had to leave that country. Heh…to renew her visa.
Anyhoo while she was home on holiday she took over one of my sewing machines and borrowed a bunch of fabric to sew gifts for her Mates back in her foreign land.

I did get selfish and did not let her have my newest Lotta Jansdotter fabric…bad mommy award coming my way soon.
She sewed her first bags ever. She installed her first zips ever. She altered patterns. She is a sewing natural.

Awesome? Why YES she is.
We went to our favorite AND BEST pizza place in Austin,


We had a wonder albeit short time together. We journeyed 3+ hours north to DFW airport. Twice. Which required treating ourselves to
In N Out. Twice.

We said goodbye.

I sent her back to the foreign land. Down Under.

I cried most of the drive home.

She doesn’t always make goofy faces. She. Is. A. BEAUTY!

Moving, Mother, Migas and Meh

  • Moving
    Still trying to organize my downsized sewing life. I have moved furniture and machines to one room, back to another and am considering a different spot. It just isn’t working for me yet. Should I have it in my dining area (viewable from the entry AND livingroom) or in my bedroom… How romantic! If I keep it in my bedroom the IKEA 75″ table top has to be made smaller. I have 3 inches to squeeze by it and my end of the bed. I do know I am in LURV with Grey and White and am collecting decorating pics in my Pinterest boards

  • Mother
    My 87 yr old mother went in for knee replacement surgery. Things keep going wonky resulting in multiple transfusions and complications. Please keep her in your thoughts.
  • Migas
    Never heard of the dish until I lived in Texas. I make a mean Migas if I do say so myself. My boys love it!

    I will post the recipe later… if you want :) It is an egg, chorizo, tortilla chips, herbs and veggies plate O’ Love!
  • Meh
    Is how I feel about my blog’s style and composition. I will fix it. Soon. I think. Yeah. I will for sure. I think.
  • Check back for the recipe. I made myself hungry and need to eat something.
    Later Peeps!

Oh Robyn Where Art Thou?

Let’s see. I won’t go into all of it but this is some of what has taken over my life recently:

  1. Went to CA to spend time with my mother, stay with my big Sister and meet up with my brother whom I have seen twice in the past 20+ years. Mostly a wonderful time except for…
  2. Caught some bug while on the airplane to San Francisco
  3. Got terribly, horribly, no good, very bad sick while there. Totally missing my chance to meet up with Pam:(
  4. Returned home and immediately packed up and moved to a new home…losing my sewing studio in the process. We are downsizing. Time to get creative with merging my sewing / quilting / spinning / knitting and all the good things that go with them into living space with the rest of the family.
  5. Still buried in boxes. Wanting to REALLY arrange and store and organize and decorate with mindful intention.

I want to reformat and expand my blog. Don’t ask. The wheels they spin! I have things to say beyond textile-y / fiber-y stuff. Hope Y’all will stick around!
Leaving you with something to make you smile… my 4mos old grandson

Best Laid Plans…NOT

Soooo… I was supposed to head up to KC next week to be with my DD. Plans were to get a few leisurely weeks of sewing instruction under her pregnant belt and create some wonderful items for the baby under her pregnant belly. He had other plans.
I was supposed to be there at His birth. HE HAD OTHER plans and came early.
Meet my newest grandson. Isn’t he beautiful??!!!

See you soon Baby Boy!!

Coming Up For Air

I will give a real post soon… I promise.
Holidays and sickness won my time. I am thankful for time with family.
Here are some of my goofy kids. I was too sick to go with them to get our Christmas tree so they photo documented it for me. Ain’t they sweet?

Tree Hugger

I do not know WHO they get their goof from.

Monkeys & Hourglasses

I started teaching my Chica how to use a sewing machine. She is 4 almost 5. Just thread and paper this time with me controlling the foot pedal. She sewed her name too but I blocked it from internet view

I also made her some more snack / sandwich / food bags. The Monkey one is longer because she often has burritos. These are prototypes. I want them to close without Velcro® and be easier for a child to manipulate than the fold over one I previously made.
I am a bit anal retentiveOCD overly picky when it comes to stitches { “OMG! Did you seeeeee how crooked and wonky-tensioned that stitching is? Horrors!!” }. I use an eraser way too much and I rip out stitching much too often. But. Monkeys on fabric deserve wonky stitching. Don’tcha think?

{ Monkey Fabric “Boys Will Be Boys” –– Red Bag is “Castle Peeps” }

I started an Hourglass quilt and I am thinking I was crazy to do so…I like things fast…except I L O V E hand-sewing binding. Go figure. I am a sewing dichotomy. Here is the progress. Yes, I need a design wall. This is my “stick a piece of flannel over your little padded board” design “wall”