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Moving, Mother, Migas and Meh

  • Moving
    Still trying to organize my downsized sewing life. I have moved furniture and machines to one room, back to another and am considering a different spot. It just isn’t working for me yet. Should I have it in my dining area (viewable from the entry AND livingroom) or in my bedroom… How romantic! If I keep it in my bedroom the IKEA 75″ table top has to be made smaller. I have 3 inches to squeeze by it and my end of the bed. I do know I am in LURV with Grey and White and am collecting decorating pics in my Pinterest boards

  • Mother
    My 87 yr old mother went in for knee replacement surgery. Things keep going wonky resulting in multiple transfusions and complications. Please keep her in your thoughts.
  • Migas
    Never heard of the dish until I lived in Texas. I make a mean Migas if I do say so myself. My boys love it!

    I will post the recipe later… if you want :) It is an egg, chorizo, tortilla chips, herbs and veggies plate O’ Love!
  • Meh
    Is how I feel about my blog’s style and composition. I will fix it. Soon. I think. Yeah. I will for sure. I think.
  • Check back for the recipe. I made myself hungry and need to eat something.
    Later Peeps!