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I am DIE-ing to Know

I have been looking at Fabric Die Cutters. Comparing the AccuQuilt {both the “GO” and “Studio” versions)

AccuQuilt Studio

AccuQuilt GO

and the various machines sold by Ellison


Ellison Sizzix Bigshot Pro

I of course would use them for quilting and applique but I am also looking to have a custom die made. Both will make custom dies for a fee. Good. AccuQuilt retains the rights to the die meaning they can sell the die for others to use. Not good.
But AccuQuilt seems so popular amongst quilters. But both cut fabrics. Anyone own a machine by Ellison?

Heather has a great review on the AccuQuilt GO!
{ETA} Jackie of Canton Village Quilt Works is doing a giveaway of an Accuquilt GO! Check it out.