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Wake Me Up… When September Ends

Okay… queue the song
It was going through my head all day yesterday … and dang, it still is!… While I was sewing. Not sure yet what I’m making. I’m not a great plan ahead type. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. Here’s a glimpse… of my sewing… not the seat O’ my pants… Now THAT would take up a lot of bandwidth!

Beautiful Art – Beautiful Design – Beautiful Woman – My Beautiful Future

My Sister the Artist sent me a magazine clipping on Eva Zeisel.

I was inspired by the article.
I decided I wanted to know more about her. I Googled upon a video of her “Eva Zeisel on the Playful Search for Beauty”. It is quit long but so worth the watch. The video {at the end of my post} is from TED and so is the following excerpt:

Young Eva Zeisel was driven by two desires: to make beautiful things, and to see the world. Her long and legendary career in ceramics has helped her do both. Born in Budapest in 1906, she apprenticed to a guild of potters as a teenager, then worked in Germany and later Russia (where she was imprisoned by Stalin for 16 months) and Vienna. Landing in New York in 1938 with her husband Hans, Zeisel began her second design career.

I love the ceramics Ms. Zeisel has created for over 75 years and continues to create to this day. She is now 103!

More importantly I appreciate her attitude. I want to be like her as I grow old. Her talk gave me a good kick in the seat and reminded me that I can always create. I can always see beauty and art surrounding me and my age does not dictate to, or take away from, my talent and passions.
Listening to Eva Zeisel speak is music…to me…it is like hearing my Nagymama’s voice as she too was Hungarian. I hardly notice the accent but I hope you don’t have trouble understanding her.
I hope you take time to listen to her. Be inspired!

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