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Stickin’ It to the Man {sandwich bag style} CLEAR Wire SUCKS!!

There is some sewing at the end but allow me to RANT…
I live in a High Tech City. This City has a lot of Internet usage. I have CLEAR. ACK! After days of super slow Internet I got on with tech support. Blah Blah “let me check your modem” Blah Blah “Where have you placed your equipment?” Blah Blah. I tell them… I have done all the tech tests! { I am a GEEK } I ask… “Is CLEAR throttling customer usage in ATX?” No answer. I ask again after a bunch of BLAH BLAHs… “oh it does look like you have been limited in your usage” No S#*! Sherlock! Then I get a stock cut and paste BLAH BLAH BLAH answer. “You must be a high user” At that moment I was wishing I was… HIGH. “Just what do you do on the Internet?” ACK!!!!!!! I design. I upload. I blog. My DH uploads claims to his office. Nothing abnormal!!! I don’t do streaming videos except trying to watch NETFLIX movies a couple of nights. Oh it went on forever! With no answers other than… “I’m very sorry that you’re seeing a slower connection than you are accustomed to, but during times of high network congestion we may manage our higher usage users to protect the integrity of our network and ensure that all of our customers have the best Internet experience possible…” and “Normal browsing would use very little usage but streaming can quickly cause a lot of usage. Clear does not have any download usage caps but during times of network congestion it is my understanding that it would be our higher usage customers that would be affected first. It is my understanding that the Network management system is constantly monitoring the network and could stop managing you at any time. Also every 24 hours your high usage would be reset and then you would not have to worry about being manage again unless we have more network congestion AND you have high usage again. So I am stuck with CLEAR since I have a contract ’til April. After researching I see that I am not the only one unhappy with the capping / throttling that CLEAR is doing and is hesitant to admit. It seems to have started in September.
Soooo… I am uploading…GASP… a file of what I sewed today while waiting on Tech(less) support.
I made a folder over reusable sandwich bag. Meh.

And being the Rebel that I am … I UPLOADED IT AND USED MORE BANDWIDTH!!!!!!!!! OH SNAP!