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She’s a BRICKed…House!

Tap…Tap…Tap… Is this blog on?? Anyone listening?? I Haven’t been posting because…My super-duper biggass hard drive that I installed about a year ago stopped playing nice with my Mac. It is on it’s way to the Bay Area for a Search & Rescue (at least part of me gets to visit my City). My hard drive is what is referred to as Bricked. It spins, powers up and hopefully the data is still there…it just cannot be “seen” by my computer. ALL my wonderful Thanksgiving pictures are on it… in addition to all my graphics, web design files, patterns, applications, music, documents… you get the idea … missing in action. This is a documented problem with the HD I bought. So if yours disappears don’t just toss it. Contact me. I knowz a guy. Heh.