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Monkeys & Hourglasses

I started teaching my Chica how to use a sewing machine. She is 4 almost 5. Just thread and paper this time with me controlling the foot pedal. She sewed her name too but I blocked it from internet view

I also made her some more snack / sandwich / food bags. The Monkey one is longer because she often has burritos. These are prototypes. I want them to close without Velcro® and be easier for a child to manipulate than the fold over one I previously made.
I am a bit anal retentiveOCD overly picky when it comes to stitches { “OMG! Did you seeeeee how crooked and wonky-tensioned that stitching is? Horrors!!” }. I use an eraser way too much and I rip out stitching much too often. But. Monkeys on fabric deserve wonky stitching. Don’tcha think?

{ Monkey Fabric “Boys Will Be Boys” –– Red Bag is “Castle Peeps” }

I started an Hourglass quilt and I am thinking I was crazy to do so…I like things fast…except I L O V E hand-sewing binding. Go figure. I am a sewing dichotomy. Here is the progress. Yes, I need a design wall. This is my “stick a piece of flannel over your little padded board” design “wall”