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A Walk on the Beach

I love the Sea. It inspires me, calms me. I love it even {especially} on cloudy/foggy/gloomy days. I am a West Coast girl living in Texas and I miss my Pacific.
I am reading this book. It’s awesome. It has the Sea. It’s non-fiction author is a woman sharing the stage of life I am in. She has befriended a woman 30+ yrs her senior. Oh to have an older friend to glean such REAL wisdom from. I will review it more when I finish it but I can tell I will love it. I love books and never just read one at a time but usually have 3+ going simultaneously.

{here is the link to the book if you are interested. Yes, in full disclosure the link is to my Amazon account but that is not why I am reviewing it… look it up on your own if you wish.}
A Walk on the Beach: Tales of Wisdom From an Unconventional Woman

Mama's Got a Fake I.D.

Do we as mothers have an identity crisis? Does motherhood give risk to losing who YOU are? YOUR passions? YOUR interests and creativity?
Don’t get me wrong. I love being a mom. In fact I am one of the Biggest Mothas around and I’m not just trashin’ on my weight. I think raising 9 kids gives me some credibility when I say find out who YOU are and nurture what you find. Your kids will thank you. Your mate will thank you.
I hope to be able to give a review of this book soon. The title intrigues me.
Mama’s Got A Fake I.D. written by Caryn Rivadeneira. Caryn & Carla blog at the Mommy Revolution