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Get on Your Bike and Storm the Castle!

After spending yesterday cursing the migraine-spawned-by-satan I was determined to sew something today.
Sooooooo I sewed together my 2 blocks for September for the do. Good Stitches {a Charity Bee}. We were asked to make them wonky…and I hope they are wonky enough. Some of the fabric is from Castle Peeps by Lizzy House and the Bicycle fabric is by Aunt June.

It’s still hot in TX and my sewing room does not receive our AC. I’m burning up. Gotta get out of here! See ya ’round!

Déjà vu

Today is June 18.
Yesterday was June 17.
June 17 is 15 days after June 2.

June 2 is the day one of you drivers was NOT paying attention and hit my son while he was riding his bicycle. Yesterday one of you DID IT AGAIN!
Meeting the EMS and police 2 times in the same month is not my idea of fun. I would appreciate if you would kindly pay attention. Austin is a cycling community. Share the road. Get off your cell phones…. and STOP hitting other people’s kids! Please. The end.