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Music to Sew By… or …Plans, Dreams and Oy! I Need More Time

Happy Monday on You! The weather here is soooo nice! It actually was in the 50ºs this morning.
I have a whirlwind of sewing planned. It HAS to get done. When I am in that mode I MUST have a music playlist {at bottom of post. Click on it to make it big and then click again}. Of course I always listen to music … it’s in my bones {see my self-centered list} and my likes are very eclectic. I love all sorts of tunage. Do you have a list you sew/quilt by? A favorite type? I am posting just one of my playlists. It is one of my “high adrenaline, dang I got a lot to do” versions, not my “calm yourself down girl!” versions Text only…cuz ya know how I ranted about sites that auto play music… although I have to admit there are a few sites that have great selections, like Heather’s…love it!

Here’s what’s on my cutting table and some stacks to drool over:
I LOVE the High Society by Khristian A. Howell for Anthology fabrics. I had a custom request for a hat with Henna-ish / Paisley-ish / fabric. I think this will be perfect. I am going to hoard the leftovers for some quilting…

I know I’m probably late to the Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile party…but OMG! It is such a wonderful fabric. Like buttah I tell ya! This is the Little Honey in Berry sitting on the top of my stack…

A few of my fabrics tagged for cycling gear…

Oh! Oh! I forgot to tell you I WON a giveaway from Kristie at Obsessive Crafting Disorder A nicey {heh} stack of Nicey Jane and also some custom note cards that are being created by Samantha over at Paper by Paper Dolls

Also… I am making a dress for a sweet soon to be 5 yr old out of this fabric from A Little Sweetness

Just a little more stash candy…

Okay here is my music playlist. {seriously robyn? 99 songs? couldn’t add one more??} Let me know if you sew/quilt/craft/etc to music and if so, do you have favorites?
Rock On my Fibery Friends! I’m off to finish up 80 or so hats and some other bicycle gear goodness for a show that is LESS THAN A FREEKIN’ MONTH AWAY!!! #panicattack

Click to Embig it

Happy Friday Y’all!

I needed to pop in here with a bit O’ Red and Aqua bliss
{ETA} The Button is from People For Bikes
They have a great website

It’s a button for a petition for more bike lanes here in Austin and {ETA} nationally. Look at it sittin’ their on a messenger bag all pretty and smiling at you!
{ETA} I loved the first button so much my darling son brought me home another one with a BANANA SEAT STRINGRAY bike on it…yeah, I’m THAT old. I will post a pic of it another day.

Have a great weekend!

Quilt Le Tour…Progress?? ..Moi?

I see some of “us” are cycling {ha! get it? cycling??} right along for the Quilt Le Tour de France. I see new photos up in our Quilt Le Tour Flickr group
Me? Well…uh…I have done these! Not my quilt blocks but they ARE cycling related. I gave them yesterday to the All Ladies Alley Cat Race director.
They will be given as prizes.

Quilt Le Tour Hexies

The first week of the Tour de France has finished. 2 more weeks to go!
I am still working on a wheel block. Trying to figure out how to draft it. I needed a break from geometry. So I did some more hexies! I think this fabric reminds me of the French countryside that the Tour cyclists have been riding through. I plan on making it a pillow top. I may change my mind. Notice there are NINE hexies???

Tour Days 2 & 3…boom boom pow – look at the Quilty goodness!

Oh my Stars and Garters! Will they ever stop falling down? Yesterday I believe every single cycling team said hello to the road with their bodies. Today the cobblestones did them in. After mechanical issues Lance lost over 2 mins and dropped to 18th. He was not the only one with mechanical problems. It’s gonna be a long three weeks!

On the quilting side of our Quilt le Tour…
Look at what Maddie has done!
And I see a few others with pictures up in our Flickr group but I am not sure of your names. If you have pics to share please be sure to add them to our flickr pool. Again, if you haven’t joined the group on flickr please do so. !!! I will only be drawing names for the giveaway from the members!!!
Me? Aside from helping my son {yes, the one that has was hit by cars 2x in June} clean up a nasty road rash infection on his ankle {and no, there is no way he is going to stop riding} I am slowly working on my quilt blocks… but first I have a custom cycling hat to finish up for a Rep from Specialized

©2010 Kongko

Made from a Deconstructed Jersey ©2010 Kongko

and then I have 3 hats to make for an ALL LADIES Alley Cat race. They will be given out as race prizes. So, yeah, that’s my excuse for not showing my Quilt Le Tour progress.

Here are a couple of peeks at some of the giveaway items:
Penny from Sew Take a Hike will be giving fat quarters of:
Alexander Henry ‘Starling”
Flea Market Fancy “Barbells”
Momo Wonderland “Snip Snip”
Heather Ross “Kelp Stripe”

Luci of DuhBe will be giving 6 of her gorgeous handmade fabric roses! In your choice of available colors.

I will be giving a new 5″ charm {50} pack of Aunt Grace

More tomorrow!

Quilt Le Tour de France – Day 1 Recap-Trivia Answer

{8:21 PM Central Time} ADDENDUM to today’s post:
I have decided to change things up a bit. I know I said I would do a Giveaway at the end of each 3 weeks of the Tour. I have decided it would be more exciting to save it all for last. Giving everyone a chance to join in. There will be at least 4 names pulled from the random generator thingy. You will also have more than one entry chance. Sorry if I seem a weebit wonky (ha! my former blog name) about all this… be patient with me. It is my first time doing this sort of thing.

Hope all those living in the U.S. had a great 4th of July!
Day one of the tour… wow. Started and ended with crashes. The start… a dog ran onto the peloton {The peloton (from French, literally meaning little ball or platoon and also related to the English word pellet), field, bunch or pack is the large main group of riders in a road bicycle race}! Really? A dog? Who brings an unleashed dog to the Tour. Perhaps it was just a neighborhood dog. They love to chase you down on your bike. It’s bad enough that the people crowd the peloton.
Alessandro Petacchi won the first stage.

Bas Czerwinski / AP

Fabian Cancellara still keeps the Yellow Jersey even though he was part of the crash during the last 3KM .

©JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images

Lance holds his 4th position ranking 22 seconds behind Cancellara.


And I feel like a sportscaster!

I asked on Prologue day what piece of equipment used by cyclists is also used by quilters…and the answer is…

I’ll be back later today with some pics of the upcoming giveaways. REMEMBER… you need to sign up for the Flickr group to participate in the giveaways. So far our giveaway contributors are Penny of Sew Take a Hike and Lucy of DuhBe. Oooo you are going to love what they have!

Quilt Le Tour de France – 1 day to go

I have been working on some the block designs for the Tour theme. It {loosely} is based on a bicycle cog / cassette. Time for a bicycle lingo lesson eh? I will … but lightning is striking outside so I best shut down my Mac. I love it and want to keep it.
Remember to go sign up at the Flickr Group

© 2010 Coffee and Cotton

I’ll be back online later…hopefully

Happy New Fabric Monday!

The upS man delivered early today,
New Japanese Echino Ni-Co – Bicycle
In Aqua

And in Natural

These would be cute in quilts but are destined to be cycling caps and perhaps some bike bags.
I neglected to mention where I bought the fabric. Super buzzy, and their prices are the best on this fabric. Another site wanted $3.00 more per yard! Fun side note… hover over the different characters in Super Buzzy’s site header..they animate! I am easily amused.