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QuiltCon 5 Things About Me

QuiltCon is only TWO weeks away!! I can’t wait. I can’t wait to show off my present home of Austin Texas. If you are coming to Austin and want some tips or suggestions about food, beverages (the kind that make you happy), music, tattoos or cycling …search me out. I am thrilled to help.
I will finally get to meet IRL so many faces I have known through the years. Like Monica!! and… Penny!! Make sure you check out the mugs she is bringing. They are so cute!! I am hoping Pam is coming. I need to ask her. Hollie is another friend I can’t wait to meet. There are many more. Online Friendships can be a wonderful thing. A friendship with one of my dearest and closest friends began that way. Before Facebbok or Blogs. We knew each other 14-ish years before ever meeting face to face. Last year we did! Meet my friend Maddie… she is coming to QuiltCon too!

Okay the Modern Quilt Guild asked us to link up and tell 5 things about ourselves that others may not know. I won’t list the stuff that is in my “About” page. Here we go!!!!

  • 1. I was a professional musician. I played the French Horn. I adore a very eclectic range of music. Just about anything except polka. You should see my “Sewing Room Playlist” I like it loud.
  • 2. I’m originally a West Coast Girl who used to surf. I didn’t always have this body! I miss the Pacific and my City by the Bay. Sitting on an ocean cliff on a gloomy day soothes my soul.
  • 3. I was going to be a Doctor. I love science and excelled in it but struggled with math. I was told I should change my goals. I don’t listen to those voices anymore. So I chose music. Which is good. That’s how I met my husband. {Secretly I would love to do stand-up but I’m too shy.}
  • 4. I turned down a date with a now famous movie producer when we were in High School. I probably remember him much more than he does me.
  • 5. I met Gerald Ford. In an intersection. I was on my way to a gig with some other musicians. President Ford’s limo was coming and all traffic was blocked. We were standing outside of our vehicles. President Ford stopped the motorcade and got out and shook our hands. I didn’t tell him I wasn’t a supporter. He was the freeking POTUS for gosh sakes! We were late to our gig. No one believed our excuse.
  • Déjà vu

    Today is June 18.
    Yesterday was June 17.
    June 17 is 15 days after June 2.

    June 2 is the day one of you drivers was NOT paying attention and hit my son while he was riding his bicycle. Yesterday one of you DID IT AGAIN!
    Meeting the EMS and police 2 times in the same month is not my idea of fun. I would appreciate if you would kindly pay attention. Austin is a cycling community. Share the road. Get off your cell phones…. and STOP hitting other people’s kids! Please. The end.