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And The Beat Goes On

Some may have noticed my sporadic posting, my vague sniffle-y rants and my damn near invisible-ness. At least I like to believe that you noticed! I am pulling it together, dusting myself off and giving myself a good “snap out of it!” kick in the arse. Again. My dear Friend gave me a kick of her own and demanded told me to write something… actually suggested Haiku. Heh. I am lousy at Haiku. I do not follow rules well. But because I listened to Maddie {and did NOT call her a Haiku Nazi} I am posting my poetic attempt at bringing honor to my Nagymama… my Grammy. She is my hero and my life’s influence. I hope she knows that. I feel her presence every time I sew, knit, design or swear in Magyar {hell, who am I kidding…in English too!} ❤ Here’s to you Maria Ana Soltësz. Thank you for the heritage you wove into my life ❤

ancestral hands
stitching heart rhythms
thread’s eternal song

©2011 – robyn e. – coffeeandcotton

The ‘stitching heart rhythms’ line was influenced by what my oldest Son said to me after I had sewn THIS he told me “Mama, your stitches are like heartbeats!” I will forever cherish those words.