Sunday Thoughts

©Renate Hiller

Tomorrow I will be giving the final details and “rules” for the Quilt Le Tour de France giveaway. The Tour ends one week from today. I will have the drawing on Monday, July 26th. Here is something I want to share:
I came across this quote today. I love it

“Today, more than ever, the crafts have the mission to reconnect the human being to the Earth and her substances,
bring healing to the senses and soul,
and foster the creative capacities of the human being” – Renate Hiller

Renate Hiller’s site is Fiber Craft Studio
And a wonderful video by her


5 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts

  1. avatarSusan

    I love the quote. Those of us that make things know we do it for our own joy yet it is good to know that we are part of the greater universe and our work is important in ways we do not always grasp.

  2. avatarmaddie

    I know that my connection to creation is stronger when I am also creating.. it’s a very powerful feeling!



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