Post Holiday Interruptus

Holy crap on a cracker!! if anyone was here over the past few days they may have seen that someone left their FREAKIN’ maintenance mode turned on after editing someone’s blog. I think I shall fire her…me…what?

On to my post…

Between; not during; Thanksgiving and Christmas my youngest daughter came home from college in a foreign land. She had to leave that country. Heh…to renew her visa.
Anyhoo while she was home on holiday she took over one of my sewing machines and borrowed a bunch of fabric to sew gifts for her Mates back in her foreign land.

I did get selfish and did not let her have my newest Lotta Jansdotter fabric…bad mommy award coming my way soon.
She sewed her first bags ever. She installed her first zips ever. She altered patterns. She is a sewing natural.

Awesome? Why YES she is.
We went to our favorite AND BEST pizza place in Austin,


We had a wonder albeit short time together. We journeyed 3+ hours north to DFW airport. Twice. Which required treating ourselves to
In N Out. Twice.

We said goodbye.

I sent her back to the foreign land. Down Under.

I cried most of the drive home.

She doesn’t always make goofy faces. She. Is. A. BEAUTY!

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