{No More Nevermore} Edgar the Poe Pillow

My pillow for the PTS9 (Pillow Talk Swap) is finally finished and out the door today to its recipient. I title it “Edgar the Poe Pillow”. I have liked the sort of freaky works of Poe since I was a little girl. I enjoy the traditional dresden mixed up a bit. I especially love hand appliquéing them down. Hand sewing has a calming affect on me.
I have decided to enter it in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. If you like my piece I hope you will nominate me (by November 4th) to be on the ballot that will then receive a second round of votes, November 5-8. My entry is # 185

Amy's Creative Side

Quilt Measurements-19″x19″
Special Techniques used – Hand Applique, Piping, Hidden zipper
Quilted by… Robyn of Coffee and Cotton
Best category – Hand Applique, Home Machine Quilted, Scrap Quilt

I loved making this Dresden quilt block into a pillow. I made a traditional Dresden block but enlarged the center circle to accommodate the size of the Raven. Before appliqueing the circle down I added some braided piping.

I then hand appliqued the Dresden onto some wonderful charcoal Essex linen. I love that fabric!

I added some borders to make it a finished size of about 19 inches square. The pillow front is free-motion quilted with Glide thread in the shade Prickly Pear.
I finished the back with a zipper that is hidden under a flap.

A great tutorial on how to make a hidden zipper flap for a pillow can be found here



I did it. Joined round 9 of The Pillow Talk {Swap}
I was creatively stumped for a bit.
…While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
I decided to do a Dresden Block but mix it up a bit. This is what I have so far.
…Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling…

Time to appliqué it down to the grey Essex linen. The fabric I am using for the center circle is “Edgar” from the Nevermore collection by Gillian Fullard.
…And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting…
The Raven needed some oomph so I responded to his caw for oomph and gave him some piping.

I plan on adding some print border. I sure hope my swap partner loves it as much as I do.
I’ll be back with more…uh Nevermore…when the pillow is completed. Perhaps…
…upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary…


Decisions, Directions and Detours

I’ve been a bit stagnant as of late. I will give no excuses or apologies just stating I am aware there has been some moss growing around here.
The Coffee and Cotton blog has primarily been my outlet for the creative fiber-y side of me. I plan on keepin’ on with that. Sewing, Quilting dished up with some witty babble. Being one who is on the other side of life {no, not the Dark side but in my 50s quite a bit past my forties} I realize that I have a lot to offer in regards to homemaking, kids {got 9 of them}, schooling, tips and mistakes. I do. I really do. I am coming to grips with that fact. Wisdom if you like. Yes, I am still convincing myself that, damn, I’m good at what I do and I just might be able to offer up some advice. My readers may even want to grab pen and paper to write down my offerings… or cut and paste {cue up the dream music and chirping birds}. I won’t be overly proper. Heh. I don’t do proper. I won’t make everything look shiny bright and unattainable. My style is more Erma Bombeck mixed with Jack Black and a little Katherine Hepburn. I do have a deep spiritual side that may pop in from time to time. I plan on sharing more thoughts and opinions.
Ok. Time to get my stone a rollin’… rolling stones gather no moss… or is it Mick Jagger is mossy??
Anyhoo, Stick around. Please.


Come On Baby and Do the Free-Motion With Me

Anyone singing “Dooooooo the locomotion with me….ya gotta swing your-er hips now…come on!…”?? I seem to have a song pop in my head for just about any sentence someone says. Ask my kids. I drive them nuts. I’ve also passed on the gift. MuWaHaHa.
I’ve always done a lot of Stippling free-motion quilting {freemotion? free motion? free-motion???} and I have done traditional hand quilting but I want to practice the free-motion that goes beyond stippling or circles. I love feather quilt patterns. I also love to doodle… curvy doodles…so why not by machine. I have been in love with McTavishing for years but she uses a Longarm machine. Again, why not by a regular sewing machine? Free-motion also goes with my Horror Vacui {fear of empty space} style of doodling
Here’s my practice on a couple surprises for my Partner in the swap we did for fellow members of the HOPE group at do.Good Stitches.

I think I’m getting a bit better.
This week I also made an Itty Bitty Pear Pincushion. I think I’m in love with it. I stuffed it with some of my leftover wool roving from spinning…as in I meant to spin it but didn’t. Isn’t it sweet? Or am I just an overly proud Pincushion Parent?

Have a great weekend! PIECE out.


Oh Crap. It’s Thursday

I was going for a “wordless Wednesday” post.
It’s Thursday.
I am also talking.
Oh well. Here is my former wordless picture. I am going for a modern sort-of-Asian feel. My son called it Modern Virology. Yeah, he’s as full of sh snarky as me.
Still playing with the idea of circles.
Crappy picture to go with crappy Thursday.


Hexen Blitzen

I’m loving Basic Grey’s new “Blitzen” fabric. Look at me making something months ahead… soooo not my nature. Tried out this fabric with just a Charm Pack to see if I would like it. I am not a huge fan of holiday-ish fabrics. I don’t do cutesy. I really like this line!

Not much more to post. I haven’t sat at my machine in what seems like ages. I am presently on day 7 of a migraine and stiff neck. I’m going for a Guinness world record… or maybe just a Guinness :-)


The Post Where I Remember I Have a Blog

Whoa! Is this thing on?? …tap tap tap
I haven’t posted since M A R C H! Anyone miss me?
Let’s see… what has kept me from posting…thinking…thinking…
Oh yeah! I’m pretty certain the Universe completely skipped over April and most of May. Those months are in some black hole. Or maybe Zombies snacked on them?
The end of May brought my baby girl home for a visit from Australia

So many wonderful things planned to do together but on the second day of her visit I blew out my knee.I couldn’t walk the whole time she was home and I am still hobbling about like Igor.
Thank goodness I bought a new bed that doesn’t hurt to sleep on. I love it. Right now it’s the only spot I can comfortably elevate my Igorness. It. Is. WONDERFUL! So nice to not hurt or have body parts fall asleep.

Obviously this means I have not been sewing. I had the fantastic idea of rigging up a lap table to put my machine on but…no way to operate the pedal. Dur.
I’ve done a little hand-piecing of stars and hexies.

I have given up on using a footed cane. Can we say UNCOORDINATED?? I am a klutz. I actually sprained the pinky toe on my good leg trying to use it. Don’t ask. I am delaying an MRI and hoping no surgery will be needed.
Come what may I am springing this joint and going on a roadtrip to see some of my grandbabies. Hopefully my next post will be full of interesting fabric-y delight.
The heat index here today is 108 F. My tap water is 82 F. Yes, I tested it. My hair is impossible to keep tame in this humidity.


Stay Cool Y’all!


Just a Sample

This is just a few pics of my recent fabric purchases. I need to get busy and
M A K E something.

I have a few Bee blocks to do for Do.Good.Stitches and I’ve been busy making Kongko Cycling Gear hats. This is a very special-request-funky-customized cycling cap. It was fun to create.

I am in love with all the Granny Square Blocks being created. {Why Yes, I am late to the party. Here, have a bottle of wine and let me in} I blame Pam.

Photo property of ©PamKittyMorning

I went to her blog and she MADE me look at her uber cute Granny blocks and then SHE sucked me in I tell ya!
There is an awesome tutorial for the Granny Square Blocks over at Blue Elephant Stitches

What are Y’all making?


A Good Cause and So Easy to Help

Charlie Scott of Qubee Quilts has a goal of raising $1,000 for Aids Walk Kansas City to help people living with AIDS and HIV and their families. Please go here and vote on the pattern he will use for the donation quilt. You can read in detail about Charlie’s goal and how you can help with this cause by visiting this page
Tremendous advances have been made in research and treatment of AIDS and HIV but so much more is needed. This is dear to my heart. I use to care for AIDS patients at a Hospice…before it was officially named AIDS. It was a horrible, ravishing disease without much hope for successful treatment or survival. Changes have happened both medically and socially. Then there was so much fear and judgement. Today is different. I pray we keep moving forward.

Click here to find an AIDS Walk near youChange the Course of the Epidemic

Flower Sugary Bag and Hope Valley Clutch

I recently returned from a road trip. Before I left I went a little crazy sewing bags. I made a few with clasp frames and the classy Gathered Clutch from Noodlehead