Orange October

Before I get started with this blog post… did ya notice I did it again? Up there ↖ at the top O’ my blog. See it?
I changed my header logo again. Everything was/is looking cluttered to me so I wanted to minimalist it a bit. Onward…

In honor of MY team… the San Francisco Giants… I give you some ORANGE!! At the end of post..Ok so it’s Halloween fabric but still, it’s the right color combo for what matters in October… WHOO HOO!!! GO GIANTS!!

Ok, I’m done. Wait… one more thing… If they win Game 5 tonight against the Phillies { Jaybird Quilts’ team }, boo! hiss!… then they advance to the World Series! Yeah. I know. I’m in TX Y’all and should be rooting for the Rangers but I’m a California native { DUDE }… queue Lyle Lovett singing “That’s Right! You’re Not From Texas” I do love me some Lyle Lovett and my adopted home of Austin.

I present my Orange October Halloween Mini-Tote


4 thoughts on “Orange October

  1. avatarLinda

    Love the tote and the combination of fabrics!
    Its okay to be loyal to your team. We lived in Austin for several years while my husband was in graduate school at UT. While living on the east coast, he continued this “obsession”, even wearing University of Texas tee shirts every Friday during football season. We were in Athens, GA, a big University of Georgia town, so he stood out. He didn’t care. All that to say, keep up the spirit for your team!


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