Oh Robyn Where Art Thou?

Let’s see. I won’t go into all of it but this is some of what has taken over my life recently:

  1. Went to CA to spend time with my mother, stay with my big Sister and meet up with my brother whom I have seen twice in the past 20+ years. Mostly a wonderful time except for…
  2. Caught some bug while on the airplane to San Francisco
  3. Got terribly, horribly, no good, very bad sick while there. Totally missing my chance to meet up with Pam:(
  4. Returned home and immediately packed up and moved to a new home…losing my sewing studio in the process. We are downsizing. Time to get creative with merging my sewing / quilting / spinning / knitting and all the good things that go with them into living space with the rest of the family.
  5. Still buried in boxes. Wanting to REALLY arrange and store and organize and decorate with mindful intention.

I want to reformat and expand my blog. Don’t ask. The wheels they spin! I have things to say beyond textile-y / fiber-y stuff. Hope Y’all will stick around!
Leaving you with something to make you smile… my 4mos old grandson


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