Big Skies and MasterPiece Thread Review

It was a gorgeous sky yesterday deep in the heart of Texas {clap-clap-clap-clap}

Yes, as a matter of fact that is a ladder on top of my vehicle.

A few posts back I mentioned using the MasterPiece thread. I like it for hand work… but, in my opinion, only for short projects or at least short THREAD lengths at a time. I tend to have a bad habit of sewing with too long of thread…as my Nagymama told me when I was a wee little girl

“Oy! You need to jump out the vindow and come back through the door to pull your thread through! Too long! Too long!” {said with a thick Hungarian accent}.

Back to my point. For piecing, it breaks on me. A lot. Maybe I need to go shorter. As far as machine use I loved it for freemotion quilting as long as I did not sew too fast {user error}. My trusty old Bernina 1530 did great with it. My Pfaff 7570 didn’t like it and my Bernina 180 was persnickety with it. I do LOVE it for my bobbins! You can get gobs of it on your bobbin. The MasterPiece is a fine 50wt and as their website says, it is a “…cotton for piecing, detail quilting, bobbin, lace, and applique…” I love it for applique as the stitches seem to disappear into the fabric. My only problems seemed to be with piecing by hand and machine.
I have sewn with Superior Threads Metallics for machine embroidery and absolutely think it is the best metallic I have ever used. So dear MasterPiece thread, perhaps it’s me, not you.


2 thoughts on “Big Skies and MasterPiece Thread Review

  1. avatarNatasha

    I find this very interesting, I do not really give much thought to how the thread I use affects what I am sewing. I use thread from the quilt shop and know about different types and such but I have never really thought about how one brand would work better than another. I usually use cotton and know that I do not like silky kinds. Thanks for the thought provoking post!

  2. avatarmaddie

    Ah thread.. there are times I think I hate one brand and the others where it works just fine. For embroidery by machine I use Marathon.. why?.. beacuse I 389 spools of it, my machine likes it and ..well I have 389 spools of it. That said I like the colors of Robison Anton the best but my machine does not really like rayon (boo-h00). I use Mettler for clothing and quilting and a wild varitey of other threads for anything else.

    For handsewing I am also VERY guilty of the too long thread but using Thread Heaven on it lets me get away with this..



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