Love, Martha

Last week I received a huge box filled with 8 quilt tops. Making that event even more special is that they were made by a women, “Granny” 40 plus years ago. There is a wonderful story behind them and how they ended up being given to me. This woman and her story are so precious that I have decided to give Granny her own blog, “Martha Jane Quilts”. I will let Y’all know when it is published.

Granny was part of my life when I was a high school senior. She was the grandmother of my then boyfriend. I credit her for sparking a love of quilts. I remember the day I was visiting and she took a pile of quilt tops down from her closet shelf. Each was wrapped in tissue paper. When she passed away in 1994 the quilts were stored in a garage. Until last week. Hoping you will be as interested in reading about Martha Jane and her quilts. I am so excited to bring her story to life.

Here are a few teaser pics. 




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