Just a Sample

This is just a few pics of my recent fabric purchases. I need to get busy and
M A K E something.

I have a few Bee blocks to do for Do.Good.Stitches and I’ve been busy making Kongko Cycling Gear hats. This is a very special-request-funky-customized cycling cap. It was fun to create.

I am in love with all the Granny Square Blocks being created. {Why Yes, I am late to the party. Here, have a bottle of wine and let me in} I blame Pam.

Photo property of ©PamKittyMorning

I went to her blog and she MADE me look at her uber cute Granny blocks and then SHE sucked me in I tell ya!
There is an awesome tutorial for the Granny Square Blocks over at Blue Elephant Stitches

What are Y’all making?


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