I am DIE-ing to Know

I have been looking at Fabric Die Cutters. Comparing the AccuQuilt {both the “GO” and “Studio” versions)

AccuQuilt Studio

AccuQuilt GO

and the various machines sold by Ellison


Ellison Sizzix Bigshot Pro

I of course would use them for quilting and applique but I am also looking to have a custom die made. Both will make custom dies for a fee. Good. AccuQuilt retains the rights to the die meaning they can sell the die for others to use. Not good.
But AccuQuilt seems so popular amongst quilters. But both cut fabrics. Anyone own a machine by Ellison?

Heather has a great review on the AccuQuilt GO!
{ETA} Jackie of Canton Village Quilt Works is doing a giveaway of an Accuquilt GO! Check it out.


5 thoughts on “I am DIE-ing to Know

  1. avatarShelley Rodgers

    yes! I own the original Sizzix machine and can happily tell you that even *that* machine will accurately cut fabric. I did put a fusible web on the wrong side of the fabric before cutting it, so the fabric had some body to it. I have read (but not tried) other techniques to ensure accurate cutting. I was exceedingly pleased with the applique pieces that resulted.

  2. avatarMaddie

    I went with the Studio due to wide variety of dies made just for quilting … I have a sizix and it’s just fine but the size is not there for even quite a few medium sized quilting cuts. Let alone it can only cut 1 maybe 2 layers of fabric… the Studio can cut 10 with realtive ease ( quilting cottons)… as for the dies.. given the rather unique shape you would be requiring I suspect if you ordered them at two-three differnt times they would have NO idea what to do with them thus they would not profit on your patern :)


  3. avatarCanadianKristin

    Finding myself in the exact same spot… curious to know what you’ve decided and how to you finally chose the machine you did!!! I am a papercrafter with a 9yrs old daughter desiring to start quilting. Since I can’t cut fabric with a rotary cutter very successfully, and since I can also use the dies for my scrapbooking I think a cutting machine such as this could work for us both. But… which one to get?!?!?! I like the portability of the Go! and it’s cheaper than the Sizzix Pro but… the Sizzix will have way more dies in the line and I don’t want to be fussing with shims and such (like on my Cuttlebug when using other manufacturers dies).

    Yes… curious to know what you decided!!!!!

  4. avatarLisa

    I used to work someplace that had an Ellison machine. We cut paper, foam, plastic, fabric, and even sandpaper. Having said that, however, I like the roller mechanism on the accuquilt. I have looked at buying one, but I’ll probably hold off until my hubby asks me what I want for Christmas. :-)


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