Déjà vu

Today is June 18.
Yesterday was June 17.
June 17 is 15 days after June 2.

June 2 is the day one of you drivers was NOT paying attention and hit my son while he was riding his bicycle. Yesterday one of you DID IT AGAIN!
Meeting the EMS and police 2 times in the same month is not my idea of fun. I would appreciate if you would kindly pay attention. Austin is a cycling community. Share the road. Get off your cell phones…. and STOP hitting other people’s kids! Please. The end.


6 thoughts on “Déjà vu

  1. avatarknuckstermom

    I just want to tell you that this lurker is hoping and praying (even if you’re not a praying kinda gal you still find yourself hoping, wishing, desiring) that wonder Son is all right. Nothing else is as fearful as your kid getting hurt…and by a motorist….I am SCREAMING WITH YOU! STOP DRIVING CRAZY!!!!

  2. avatarPenny

    no.way Robyn!! I am so sorry that happened to him (and you!) twice! Unfortunately however, as a cyclist myself, I’ve learned that my safety lies in my own hands since so many people aren’t watching out for us! I bike to work, and before I cross any roads, I make sure I have eye contact with the people in potentially harmful lanes before I cross. Often times, they’re looking off the other way, trying to turn or something, and I just know the moment I go, they’re gonna take off and hit me if because they wouldn’t even know I was there. There have been many times I’ve stopped my bike, and yelled “hey!” at them to get their attention before I would cross the intersection.
    Tell your son to also be conscientious to watch for people in parked cars when he’s on the road. A few years back, I was biking to work and a guy had been sitting in his car for a bit, and as I biked past, he opened his car door. I hit it and flew over it, and ended up with a broken wrist and was off work for 6 months because of it (I’m a dental hygienist). I’m so lucky it wasn’t worse!

  3. avatarJudy

    Those ignorant moterrorists are messing with my nephews, your incredible children and don’t deserve licenses to drive. The Lord, thankfully, is one step ahead of them making sure your boys received only bruises and abrasions.

    Love, Big Sister, Aunt and Sister-in-law Judy

  4. avatarAl Bastidas

    I am touched and I get saddened every time I see our message used in such a way. I am very sorry about your son, one day, I am hopeful, this madness will change and we will see the change in our life time. Please BE KIND to Cyclists is diligently working hard to educate drivers and cyclists to learn about each other, to learn to co-exist and to share the road with respect. We are making progress but unfortunately the progress we need to save lives and to prevent the pain you are going through right now, is not happening fast enough. Your sons’ well being is in our thoughts.
    Al Bastidas
    Please BE KIND to Cyclists


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