Cool It!

On a hot… let me stress… H O T summer night like tonight’s… the only thing that sounded good and light was this

My DuhYammmm! It's Hot Dessert

Fresh raspberries and a glass of Darjeeling Iced Tea with Mint from my garden.
Deep in the Heart of Texas is so hot and so unusually early… and for soooooooooooo long… in the 100s PLUS and not a drop of precipitation. “Ah thank Ah haz thuh Vapors Dahling”
Later! I’m going to go dream of My City By the Bay… San Francisco… that has COOL night BREEZES.
P.S. – Send Rain!


4 thoughts on “Cool It!

  1. avatarLinda

    I’m right here nearby – a little southeast of San Antonio. It was 105 here yesterday! Too hot for a big meal. Watermelon sounds good right now to me, but I would take the fresh raspberries in a heartbeat!!!

  2. avatarBig Sis

    It’s a hot one in the CA Delta too — but I can see the fog beyond Mt. Diablo that’s cooling your citay by the bay aya ay ya ay… Nighty-nite

  3. avatarPenny

    Robyn! I love your (new) look to your blog!! Those coffee cups are darling! And seriously? It’s been super hot there? It’s been unseasonably cool here in Colorado, and I’m really liking it. :)


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