Coming Up For Air

I will give a real post soon… I promise.
Holidays and sickness won my time. I am thankful for time with family.
Here are some of my goofy kids. I was too sick to go with them to get our Christmas tree so they photo documented it for me. Ain’t they sweet?

Tree Hugger

I do not know WHO they get their goof from.


2 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air

  1. avatarBig Sister

    How far back shall we go to find the original grand goofah? Grammy ‘B’ probably had a gaggle of goof pent up while busying herself with nurturing her grandchildren. Daddy’s youth ran rampant with goof. I say keep the goof alive! ALIVE! I say.

    Love, your nyne tykes’ Auntie Goofus


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