Birthday Quilt process continued

Good Saturday On You!

One row of hand-stitching left on the binding. Yesterday delayed the finish.
I used the MasterPiece thread that Pam suggested to me. I used it to do the free motion stippling and straight line quilting. It is soooooo fine and allows me to sew longer without refilling the bobbin. It has given me a few problems. Runs great in the Bernina 1530, broke a few times in the Pfaff 7570 but finally played nice using it with a horizontal spool holder… and as stated below…causes me grief in the Bernina 185E.
I use my old Pfaff 7570 to sew the first side of the binding on as it has the IDF…that’s like a built in walking foot and keeps all layers moving evenly. Wish my body had its own IDF! I also used it for the straight quilting. I love my Bernina 1530 for the Free Motion work…we just do well together and I feel the love as we waltz together. I have a newer {also bought used} Bernina 185E but haven’t tried it out for quilting yet. It was pretty persnickety with the Masterpiece thread. Kept shredding it. I will figure that problem out later.
For hand-sewing the MasterPiece is like buttah…mostly. The stitches are almost invisible and it doesn’t tangle. I do like to use some GOOD quality beeswax {not the icky kind sold in the notions department} on the thread to keep it straight. I used the thread doubled.

I am not affiliated with MasterPiece or Superior threads. Just the first time to use it. I would love to try the other threads Superior offers and also am curious as to how the Aurifil quilting thread sews/quilts. Sooooooo if any of you aforementioned thread manufacturers are reading this… I am available to test and review =D


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