And a Soul Felt Its Worth


…and a soul felt its worth.

Knocked me upside the head. Where were those words all these years. I sang them. I gave the lyrics rote but never heard them. Really, really heard them with my heart and not my head. Worth. A soul, my soul, feeling worth. A term, a feeling so foreign to me. I know my heart felt tugged and pulled by something more and all enveloping. Not a hyped-up churchified guilt-ridden dangling over the pits of hell type “tugging” but a presence. A calling from deep. A knowing that there is more. A more that needed no theological pundits, apologetics or exegesis.

Truly he taught us to love one another
His law is love and his gospel is peace
Chains shall he break for the slave is our brother
And in his name all oppression shall cease

I do not see oppression ceasing in his name. Or in religion. It could. What if? What if we truly loved in the way that was shown to us so long ago? How would our world be different. What if we offered and showed others their worth. A soul-felt worth. It does not matter our faith tradition or lack thereof. We can love. We can break chains. We can give the gift of soul-worth.

May all souls feel their worth.


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