I’m pretty ordinary but sometimes I can be quite amazing.
I am quiet but am known to spew out words without thinking…which usually returns some strange looks.
When I am nervous or feel out-of-place I become a queen of comedy.
I tend to embarrass easily.
I often embarrass myself.
I wish I knew how NOT to blush.
So far my kids think I’m cool.
I have curly hair that I have spent way too many years trying to straighten out.

I obviously will never get rid of my chubby cheeks.

I’ve done it well and I’ve messed up many a few times too.
I have raised a lot {LOT=9} of kids and still have 2 1 at home.
I have the best, free thinking, loving and compassionate kids on the planet!
I LOVE Ampersands &&&.
My humor is a bit dry.
I think sarcasm can be done well.
Without being mean.
I am not mean.
Except to spiders and Palmetto bugs (flying bigass roaches)
I would rather be around snakes than spiders and roaches.
I do not like mean people or injustice.
I fight for the underdog…and tend to attract dogs.
I try to live with respect for all.
I am big about the Human Rights stuff.
I majored in music, minored in art and science.
I loathe Lima beans.
I have been known to run with scissors.
I love good strong stouts and will not touch a Bud Lite or any lite.
I like red wine.
I like Guinness and Bourbon.
At the same time.
I love fresh ground coffee.
I used to be a biker chick.
I’m trying to figure out how to be Vegan and eat real bacon and cheese.

Oh…and all the ellipses and parenthetical statements are my grammatical downfall. I compose as if I am talking.
Please, feel free to contact me with questions, comments or requests.
robyn AT coffee AND cotton DOT com

Mom, artist, designer, sewist, quilter, knitter, computer geek, tech gadget collector, quote gatherer, musician, autodidact, friend, sister, wife…

“If you find yourself in a confusing situation, simply laugh knowingly and walk away.”
“Reverend” Jim Ignatowski!

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