I birthed 9 children. Each one is unique. They each have an equal piece of my heart but I cherish and appreciate their differences.
Which got me to thinking…
Why shouldn’t I look at the world with those same filters? I specifically want to address the Quilting community.

We each arrived to the quilting world in our own unique way. Our path is our own and the journey ahead belongs to us as well. Yet, there are similarities and foundational views we do share.

We love textiles. We love needles. We love thread. Throw in some paints, dyes, glues and tools. Similar to how each of us has a body, brain and soul, is it not?

Why is it then that we choose to dispute, criticize and condemn how another chooses to use the items we all love?
Why must there be personal attacks, rants and divisions?

I will not rehash the Modern -vs- Traditional -vs- Art -vs- whatever debates and rules… we’ve all read or heard them. What is sad is we take offense, dig in our heels and deepen the “Us and Them” divide. I am not saying that we should do away with the different streams in our community…diversity is beauty. What I am saying is… enough. Enough anger and exclusion. Enough forming teams to fight the other side. Instead, why not look for those brand new quilting babies that have just jumped in the water and help them swim? Give them the tools and the basics and allow them to find their own current. Take joy in the truth that they love the same fiber-y things as you and I and can create something in which they see beauty and meaning. Allow each other to enjoy one method or many.

Let’s encourage and support each other instead of building dams.
Dear Quilting World… Tear Down That Wall



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